Extreme Property Managers Use Technology To Overcome Pandemic Challenges

Extreme Property Management uses the latest technology in a leading edge system to benefit everyone involved in a rental during the pandemic.

Landlords, tenants, and service providers in Niagara can feel confident in knowing that Extreme Property Management has effectively adapted the latest technology and techniques to handle current concerns with public health and restrictions to stay safe throughout the pandemic.

Although some of these steps are temporary measures, Extreme staff have learned a lot from this experience during the lock-down and several procedures will continue after the pandemic ends.

Changes to Showing and Renting Units

Extreme staff pre-qualify applicants before a showing. This screening process reduces the number of interactions with people. For example, Extreme staff confirm employment and / or income, as well as a check as references before scheduling a showing.

Leases are signed by e-mail to cut personal contacts and reduce risks, while expediting the process in relatively less time for greater efficiency.

Digital Advertising of Rentals

Advertising of rentals includes virtual tours and digital floor plans. This virtual system has proven to be successful and Extreme staff have been able to rent apartments or houses without a live personal showing.  This is cost-effective and safer for everyone involved.

Self Entry

Key turnover is handled by providing a lock box at the rental unit so the new tenant is provided with self entry.


An Extreme gift bag is placed in each unit when a tenant moves into their rental.

Each tenant is also set up with an online app to report repairs or problems and stay connected.

We try to address concerns within one hour of a notification from a tenant or a property owner.

Maintenance is dispatched by remote communication and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used.

E transfers for rent payments and direct deposit to owners bank accounts speeds up the accounting process and reduces personal contacts. Similarly, electronic communication with management makes it quicker and easier to exchange information.

Each rental owner is set up with a personal portal on the Extreme system to stay connected online with every aspect of the operation.

For more information on ways Extreme uses leading edge systems to benefit everyone involved in a rental, contact George Cottage at 905-328-3141 or email.