TENANT: Do I have to sign a lease?

In most cases a 12 month lease is required.   The length of the lease in some circumstances can be negotiated.  The lease agreement is necessary to outline specific obligations for both parties. 

TENANT: Is last month's rent required?

It is the law that a last month's rent deposit be paid in advance prior to taking possession of your unit.   This deposit can only be used for your last month of tenancy. 

TENANT: Will you perform a credit check?

A credit check is not always required however this may change depending on the circumstances and the landlord. If you are concerned about this always bringing it up with a property manager prior to filling out an application. 

TENANT: Under what circumstances can I get out of my lease agreement?

Always speak with your property manager and discuss the situation.   It is the law that 60 (SIXTY) days from the first of a month be given in writing.   Other items concerning this topic please review the Residential Tenancies Act

TENANT: How do I register a complaint or make a maintenance request?

During office hours we encourage you to contact the office (905-682-8333).  You may also send an email to george@extremepropertymanagement.com

In the future, all tenants will be given access to a tenant portal through this website in which we would like all maintenance requests to be filtered to.  This will help streamline our procedures and responses to you.  

TENANT: Where can I read about my rights and responsibilities of a tenant?

Please view the Residential Tenancies Act; 2006

TENANT: What is the protocol when I wish to move?

You must fill out an N9 form found on this sight or on the Landlord and Tenant Board website;  sign, date and hand in to the office.     Keep in mind 60 days notice at the first of a month is required by law. 

TENANT: What is the standard protocol for garbage collection?

In the absence of a building dumpster, garbage is collected at the curb once per week.  Only one bag of garbage or one can weighing less than fifty pounds is accepted.  Additional garbage bags must be tagged which are purchased at your local convenience store.    Recycle as much as possible each week but it must be separated.   

Garbage is only taken to the curb after 7 pm the night before. 

For larger item pick up you must call the city two business days prior to your regular pick up with a very specific list of what will be placed by the curb.  Call 905-227-7771

TENANT: What are my responsibilities upon vacating an apartment?

You must remove all your furnishing, belongings and garbage.  Nothing is to be left on the premises or at the curb.  

An exit inspection is to be scheduled with a property manager to walk through property with you and all keys are to be handed in. 

TENANT: What do I do if the smoke alarms are going off?

If the fire alarm for your building is going off, safely exit the building and call 911. 

If your smoke detectors are continuously beeping just once every couple of minutes this means the battery needs to be changed.  Call us at our office to coordinate this; never take the detector down. 

OWNER: Who pays for maintenance and repairs?

This falls squarely on the property owner to maintain the premises as well as improve the property.  Constant improvements means staying competitive in the market place, higher rents and a better resale value. 

In certain circumstances where damages were caused by the tenants then it is our job to hold them accountable. 

OWNER: What is typically required to get a place rented?

We start with a market assessment so we know what an average rent would be for similar places.   We assess the state of the property as it now with a tenant in the unit versus what the potential would be without the tenant occupying the premises.   In some instances it is better to show a place vacant.   In most instances some work and/or upgrades are required to keep your investment updated and easy to rent. 

OWNER: What if there is an emergency at my property?

Extreme Property Management Inc. is the first point of contact for all its tenants.    We will handle the emergency accordingly and then update you the client when the time is right.  We are experienced in handling all types of emergencies as such you the investor can rest easy letting us do all the work! 

OWNER: Do you guarantee the rent?

We will only guarantee the rent for the first 30 days. Should a tenant become delinquent it is our responsibility to file the necessary forms in order to recover the rent or start the eviction process. 

OWNER: What other services do you provide?

Extreme Property Management Inc. is positioned to handle most other services pertaining to an income property.   We have an in-house maintenance manager and a variety of contractors that we have great working relationships with. 

If interested in selling your investment or adding to your portfolio we could potentially help with this as well. 

OWNER: Do I have to interact with my tenants or give them my contact information?

Interaction with the tenants are entirely up to you.  Should you wish to be handsfree from the property you have the right.   The tenants are only entitled to have your name as the building owner.  All other information is kept confidential when you choose to have a property management company be your agent and act as the landlord.  The legal name of the landlord and address is to be given so the tenant can use this as purpose of giving notices or other documents under the Act.

TENANT: What are my rights and responsibilities as a tenant?

Please review the Residential Tenancies Act in its entirety.  

OWNER: What are my rights and responsibilities as an owner/landlord?

Please review the Residential Tenancies Act in its entirety. 

OWNER: Are there any hidden fees with your services?

We are 100% upfront with all our clients from the start.  A rate sheet is provided before signing a management agreement.  Any and all major work will be communicated with you prior to commencement of the work. 

To ensure the safety of our tenants and the liabilities of our investors; we make it mandatory that a third party contractor go through the property once a year to inspect all fire alarms and smoke detectors.  This contractor must be a registered fire alarm technician.     The cost of this annual inspection falls on the owner to cover.