Complaint Resolution Process

Step 1 - Your Property Manager

Your Property Manager is the first point of contact and we recommend to please begin any complaint process by attempting to resolve this with them directly.

Step 2 - Call General Manager

If Step 1 is not appropriate in your situation, please call the General Manager of the office you are working with and clearly identify the details surrounding any complaint or concerns you have. You can find the details for all staff on each office website.

It helps at this stage to provide details around how you would ideally like to see your complaint or concerns resolved. The General Manager may ask you to put your complaint in writing to ensure all steps are properly recorded.

Step 3 - The Response

A reasonable timeframe will be requested to ensure the office can investigate your specific concerns or situation thoroughly, however, you can expect a response in no more than five working days with a formal follow-up to your complaint.

This response will likely be in writing. Part of the resolution process may require the General Manager to meet with you personally if needed to ensure the situation is resolved properly.

Step 4 - A Written Proposal

If it is required to meet with you personally and we are unable to come to an agreed resolution, or if you do not wish to meet, you will be provided with a written proposal outlining a suggested plan to resolve your complaint or concerns.

Step 5 - Respond to the Proposal

If you do not wish to accept any proposal that may be provided, you should advise the General Manager in writing within five working days of its receipt. You can, of course, suggest another way of resolving your complaint or concerns.

Step 6 - Implementation or Mediation?

If the General Manager agrees to your preferred resolution, they will attempt to implement that resolution as soon as possible. If they decline your preferred resolution, they may invite you to mediate the dispute.

Step 7 - Next Available Avenue

If we agree to mediate but cannot reach an agreement to settle your complaint or concerns, then our process will conclude and we will direct you to your next available avenue. E.g. Tenancy Tribunal or Small Claims Court.


We’re here to help.

If at any stage your complaint is not being managed in a satisfactory manner, you are welcome to contact us directly and we can help assist you to work towards a resolution. 

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